A-Z Magic Trick List

A&B Finger Flash
Appearing Cane-Plastic-Black
Appearing Cane-Plastic-Silver
Appearing Wand-Metal
Appearing Wand-Plastic
Bite Out Quarter
Brass Cubio
Brass Reel-Large
Cigarette Thru Quarter
Coin Thru Glass
Color Changing Knife
Control Reel-Mini Brass
Deluxe Card Catcher
Dime and Penny Trick
Finger Flasher
Fire On Palms Gimmick
Fire Starter
Fire Wallet
Flash Cotton
Flash Paper
Floating Currency
Floating Gimmick
Haunted Key
Hypno-Heat II
Invisible Thread Reel
Lethal Tender
Lippincott Box
Match to Flower
Needle Thru Arm
Pin Through Brass Block
Real Somke
Ring Off Spoon
Self-Folding Bill
Spike Thru Tongue
Steel Ball & Tube
Steel Ball Thru Glass
Sword Swallowing
Thumb Tip Flame
Thumb Tip Flasher
Ultimate Penetration Pen
Wonder Bar
Wonder Glass-FT
X-Ray Glasses
Zombie Cloth
Zombie Floating Ball


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